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Menú de actividades / Lista de precios

Todas las actividades son operadas por proveedores externos y se otorgan bajo responsabilidad DE ELLOS MISMOS. Cambio de precios sin previo aviso.

Boat Slip Reservations

All sailors are welcome into our marina! Please contact us for moorage availability. We will reply to you in less than what you expect.

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2019 RATES

Daily rate:

$0.46 cents per foot per day (TAX incl)

6 month advanced payment: 

$0.42 cents  (TAX incl)

12 month advanced payment:

$0.40 cents  (TAX incl)

Summer rate:

Jul 1, 2019 - Oct 31, 2019

$0.28 cents (TAX incl) (no sailors on board)

Basic Wi Fi, water and power included.

Key card door access. 

24 hr Security.

Showers, toilets and a great seafood restaurant available within.

Pool and jacuzzi usage $5 dlls per user per week.

Full vessel and passengers documentation must be showed upon arrival.